Cervical osteochondrosis – symptoms, treatment at home

Cervical osteochondrosis has a leading position among the most common diseases. Symptoms, treatment and dangers of unhealthy phenomenon long studied. To perform the therapy can be in home conditions, understand it in all details.

Cervical osteochondrosis – phase

There are 4 stages of the disease, consider each of them.

Even phase

Treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease

The intervertebral discs are shifted, is disrupted their stability. It is characterized by muscle tension in the area sick, also can manifest the light soreness. In the initial stage, it is expressed weakly, often the patient does not take in account of slight malaise.

II stage

The intervertebral disc goes into the channel, threatened the destruction of the fibrous rings and reduces the distance between the vertebrae of the cervical. The main symptoms – local pain, at some points. When you tilt or turn of the head, the pain intensifying. Sick faster completely, he feels weak.

III stage

Occurs to the complete destruction of the fibrous rings, formed of a hernia. The spine is deformed, the pain gets stronger at times, a person restricts the movement, in order to calm the discomfort. Head regularly feel malaise and general fatigue pedaled quickly.

IV. stage

Cervical degenerative disc disease at the last stage has its symptoms, upon which depends the correctness of the treatment in domestic conditions. Space defeats paralyzed due to the strong pain. The discomfort regularly may turn off, but it only testifies to the even greater deterioration of the situation. Later the pain gets worse half.

Cervical osteochondrosis – symptoms

Before that how to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical, check out the symptoms at home.

The main symptoms are:

  • the husky, hoarse voice;
  • partial destruction of the teeth or worsening of their condition (the man turns to the dentist more often than usual);
  • the decline of the terms;
  • burning between the shoulder blades;
  • painful sensations in the neck (identical to the symptoms of pain in the neck);
  • weakness in the hands;
  • pain in the shoulder department, the occipital part, the hands;
  • the broken coordination of movements (curve walk);
  • dizziness, which may lead to fainting;
  • quick fatigue;
  • a feeling of weakness, immediately after waking up;
  • snoring (not in all cases);
  • impaired hearing, ringing in the ears;
  • headaches, occurring daily, or having a common frequency;
  • the pain of pulling character in the left part of the chest, which gives to the hand;
  • limited mobility of the neck, crunch, while the rotation/tilt.

Cervical osteochondrosis can have other symptoms. Treatment, respectively, also varies depending on the stage of the disease. In more advanced cases therapy is carried out in health centers and not in home conditions.

Neck-thoracic osteochondrosis – symptoms

The cause of the defeat of the parent department is often the scoliosis, which is manifested even in their teens.

Symptoms of the following:

  • migraine;
  • dizziness;
  • numb tongue, face;
  • asthenia;
  • white spots before the eyes;
  • nausea;
  • soreness in the area of the heart muscle;
  • numb, freezing fingers on a hand;
  • racing pressure;
  • pain in the shoulder girdle;
  • the deterioration of the tone of the muscle fibers;
  • with dental problems.

Not worth it to deal with the diagnosis yourself, entrust it to the expert.

What is the danger of cervical degenerative disc disease

If the disease gave of himself to know at an early age, then the damage will be caused around the spine:

  • cervical radiculopathy;
  • hernia cervical;
  • cervicobrachialgia;
  • swelling in the area of the neck (protrusion of the intervertebral);
  • problems with vertebrates arteries, osteophytes of the neck, a stump, etc.;
  • cervicobrachialgia.

Cervical osteochondrosis, the symptoms of which we have considered above, carries a certain danger. If the treatment at home or hospital beginning to be implemented at a later stage, then it is necessary complex therapy.

Treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease

As practice shows, the most desired is charging at a cervical osteochondrosis. Also in home conditions is carried out massage yourself, your doctor may prescribe at the front desk pharmacy drugs.

No. 1. Treatment treatment of degenerative disc disease

Use of ointment/gels, pills, patch directional to help restore the integrity of the cartilage. Will also reduce the soreness, subsides inflammation, improve the circulation of blood to the inflamed area. Use the medication should be combined with other methods, as the home treatment.

Among the most effective means it makes sense to draw attention to the following:

Muscle relaxants

Cervical osteochondrosis involves taking a muscle relaxant. But first you need to identify the symptoms, the treatment at home prescribed by a doctor. Those products eliminate the pain and cramps.

Vitamin complex

With the aim of improving all metabolic processes of the doctor prescribes the intake of vitamins In-group.


Folk remedies for the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease

Focused on the restoration of cartilage, boost blood circulation, reduction of pain. The duration of intake varies from 3 months to half a year. Just after the course is the possible positive outcome.

No. 2. Folk remedies for the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease

Cervical osteochondrosis has its symptoms, treatment should appoint an expert. If you were given advice, in the domestic conditions can be utilized effective recipes.

Potatoes with honey

Skip through the grater raw potatoes of medium size. Connect the mass with the same amount of honey. Post on the inflamed area, and attach a gauze fabric. Expect about 50 minutes. Use the recipe every 3 days.


To remove the painful feelings, melted on a steam bath paraffin or wax. Weight should cool down a bit, not to burn the skin. To deploy to the affected area. It is not recommended to warm up the zone over the backbone, apply exclusively to the neck. The procedure is performed every 3 days.

The dough is turpentine

Make from filtered water and rye flour dough. Cookie would turn out not too taut. Rub the inflamed area of the turpentine and enclose the dough. Wrapping his polyethylene and isolate in a sling. The procedure takes no more than a third of an hour. It is allowed to use the recipe three times a week.

Herbal fee

Cervical osteochondrosis can remove the herbs, if you find any symptoms. Through the ingestion of a decoction of the inside treatment is carried out at home. So, mix 1 tbsp of dandelion leaves, yarrow, thyme, st. john's wort, calendula, chamomile. Place the 2 station al herbal collection into a thermos. Pour 1 l. of a steep boiling water. Insist couple of hours, strain. Drink 60 ml 3 times a day before meals. Wellness course lasts for 20 days.


It is prohibited to apply on the area of the spine irritating means. Also not worth it to experiment with questionable recipes, where it is believed exposure to cold or heat. With caution to use different products because of the middle location of the throat and the brain. This applies even to natural medicines.

No. 3. Self-massage of the cervical degenerative disc disease

If properly do self-massage, you will soon be master with all the unpleasant symptoms.


  • finger movements should occur from the center of the spine to the edges;
  • spend procedure only the pads of the fingers;
  • it is prohibited to heavily pressure on the area of inflammation;
  • forget the drastic pressure and rush, do everything smoothly;
  • treat the neck, the muscles of the rear and lateral zones of the neck.


Cervical osteochondrosis it is necessary to remove it immediately once it is detected symptoms. Spend a timely treatment in domestic conditions, to have arisen complications.


  • spend procedure exclusively sitting;
  • fold the leg over the foot and rest the elbow so that you get to the back of the neck and spine;
  • grasp the fingers of the opposite hand on the neck of all the parties;
  • spend stroking, rubbing and kneading the side and rear of the muscles;
  • finish stroking;
  • duration – 10 minutes frequency – every day.

No. 4. Exercises for cervical degenerative disc disease

Before you start doing exercises for cervical degenerative disc disease, warm up in the bath or shower. It will help you to perform the procedure at home, it is more than quality, will increase the blood flow.

Each exercise is performed for 10-12 reps per day.

No. 1

Stand up straight and place your arms along the torso. Tilt your head forward and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat in the opposite direction.

No. 2

Accept the position, as mentioned above. Slowly turn your head to the side and linger. Repeat on the other side.

No. 3

Tilt your head on all sides. Stay on each for half a minute.

No. 4

Stand up, put your hands on the waist. Complain the chin forward and turn your head to the side. Brad must lie on the shoulder. Along with that, to turn the body with the head. Freeze for 50 seconds.

No. 5

Self-massage of the cervical degenerative disc disease

Exactly sit on a chair, put the palms on the knees. Straighten your arms and in addition in hands. At this point it is necessary to throw back his head. Return the back. Follow all smoothly.

No. 6

Accept the position, as in exercise № 5. Grasp the left hand behind the right shoulder and turn head to the right. Keep your elbows at a right angle. Repeat in the opposite direction.

No. 7

Exactly sit on a chair, lift above your head, slightly bent hands. Turn your head to the side as possible. Freeze in that pose for 10-12 seconds. Repeat in the opposite direction.


Once you're finished, perform the exercise, necessarily spend a light stretching of the muscles. This way you will avoid the emergence of pain on the next day.

The result of the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease at home

Cervical osteochondrosis after the detection of symptoms requires treatment. When properly carried out in the home environment therapy you will receive the following result:

  • reduces pressure on the vertebrae;
  • is the normal inflow of the blood into the problem area;
  • it's about the painful symptoms;
  • increases the metabolism in tissues;
  • go spasms in the cervical region;
  • reduces the degeneration of bone and cartilage.

The mainstay of treatment is included gymnastics when cervical osteochondrosis. If systematically implement in the home, it will give you the best result. If you decide to resort to the help of medicines, make sure exisitng course with the doctor.