Low back pain: causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Osteochondrosis - a disease, family members, 40% of the population less than age of 35-40 years, and almost 90% of the elderly. Even teenagers sometimes revealed signs of degenerative disc disease decreases the height of the units of pain, discomfort in the spine. S If you start the treatment of the disease in the first stage, before the destruction the author of the a chance to stop the progression and very high.

What and osteochondrosis?


Osteochondrosis of the spine, in injury of one or several discs to the intervertebrals. The disease in any can appear the Department:

  • Chest;
  • Shane;
  • Lumbar (lumbosacral).

In severe cases, the degeneration of the vertebral discs in the background of osteochondrosis s observed around the pillar, which becomes the cause of disability of the person. So, and why this disease – osteochondrosis? Pathology associated with the gradual, constant and progressive malnutrition hyaline cartilage, located in the intervertebral discs, causing them to change position, form, crack. A person experiences severe pain syndrome and the function of the whole of the of diseases locomotor system are violated.

What and osteochondrosis in relation to its consequences? If you let me sense to treat the vertebrae will be compressed, the differences decreased between them, the discs and it will be a collapse. This leads us to the submarine of the nerve roots, the spinal cord injury and alteration of internal organs. The edges of the clubs appear bony osteophytes – outgrowths, rather than cause pain. Consequences of this disease of the spine, a very serious.

The main causes of osteochondrosis

The scientists came to the conclusion, the study of low back pain that the disease of bipeds and result in locomotion of a man in a way that is exposed to the majority of the people. Daily high load on the discs of the spine, and age-related deterioration of the functions of the vessels, deficiency of nutrition and aging are the main causes of lower back pain. Weight situation, the following factors:

  • Frequent incorrect position of the body (for example, the curved seat behind the Desk, carrying the heads to the shoulder);
  • Sleep with mattresses, pillows;
  • Flat feet, deformity of the feet;
  • Metabolic diseases;
  • The excess weight creates a reinforced load on the spine;
  • The lack of exercise;
  • Posture;
  • Multiple pregnancy;
  • Long experience of Smoking;
  • The Instability of the vertebrae.

Injury, heavy work very aggravated physical, the development of osteochondrosis. Therefore, in athletes, manual workers osteochondrosis of a loin of pork and much more popular problem. Heredity also play the un role in the pathogenesis of the syndrome d' – if the parents at an early age serious had problems with my back, the baby has the un's high risk to get diseases of the spine.

Psychosomatics degenerative disc disease

Psychosomatic causes of disease – in a new direction in the research of prior conditions for its formacio. Psychosomatic implies the influence of psychological factors on the development and course of physical disease. The connection between the mental and physical and very fit and seemingly healthy person can suffer from regular pain. Osteochondrosis there are some people for the reasons identified targets for the disease, but continues to progress.

The fins of the un, 30% of patients who of original works of art of a visit to the doctor indicate problems, such as:

  • Constant Tension;
  • Chronic experiences;
  • Nervous strain;
  • Problems in the family;
  • Conflicts;
  • The collapse of the moral.

The stage of the disease

Intervertebral Disc The consists of liquid and solid parts. From The first in the center, representing the core that gives elasticity. At the top of the core is surrounded by a ring lasting. With the structure begins with the liquid, the pathological all the changes in the disk that later spread its a pod.

Medicine In four there are phases in the development of osteochondrosis. This refers to the conventional division of the pathology of the severity of depending on the disorders of the spine:

Psychosomatics degenerative disc disease
  • The first stage of osteoarthritis. The amount of moisture in the disk cache, which is dehydrated. Destruction not yet happening, but original work of art dehydration of the box kernel in the ring fibrous, began to appear mikrotreschinki. The symptoms in this phase of the disease are usually absent.
  • The second stage of osteoarthritis. The height of the disc begins to decrease which means the gradual accession of the symptoms and the progression of the disease. The backbone segments between individuals decreases as the distance from which ligaments FALL. At this stage in some patients causes the disease of the slipped vertebrae – spondylolisthesis. Pain, physical discomfort, when acute, pain be present pot even in remission.
  • In the third stage. Osteochondrosis of the spine in this stage provides un severe pain, original works of art from all over begin to form the complications. More often, a disk of output at least – arthrosis (degeneration) vertebral joints, subluxation of the vertebrae. The pain is complemented with the limitation of the segment affected of the spine.
  • The fourth stage of osteoarthritis. The spine begins to adapt to the new conditions of existence, trying to fix the vertebrae, to protect it from ultimate destruction. This To grow osteophytes. Pain acute can be a cause of the injury of piegaro.

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease

Primers symptoms of the degenerative disc disease usually starts at an early stage, when still the pain. In the neck, back, rarely in the spine thoracic when driving you can hear the crisis (that means the violation power of the author, dehydration). In addition, in case of overload, the work in a position d uncomfortable, you can mention a person in the rigidity of the back or neck. Become the "stone" on one or both sides, and that is uncomfortable, causes burns, irritation.

Subsequently, the symptoms of degenerative disc disease become more obvious. Only a person can feel good, but work is heavy lifting, sleeping on a pillow is uncomfortable can cause the following phenomena:

  • Pain pain;
  • Pain;
  • Sensation of numbness in the hands, with the neck of the submarine);
  • A feeling of stiffness;
  • The forced reduction of movements;
  • Muscle spasm;
  • Back pain;
  • The object of the enlargement of the pressure;
  • Incorrect posture.
The symptoms of degenerative disc disease

If you overload the patient's spine osteochondrosis gives a more pronounced language of signs and symptoms. The pain occurs in the shoulders, gives the hands, elbows, headaches. Cervical Osteochondrosis of the there is a noise in the ears, dizziness, growth of the artery vertebral syndrome, alterations of the vision. With the time sense treatment of degenerative disc disease and atrophy of the muscles, skin turns pale. May worsen the course of heart abnormalities, disorders of the function of the liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract.

What pathology cause?

The consequences of this disease, and always unpleasant, pain causes increase. In osteochondrosis occur:

  • Disk output;
  • Prolapse and herniated disc;
  • Episodes of sciatica, sciatica, lumbago;
  • Kyphosis, scoliosis.

The danger of the human being depends largely on the type of hernia en osteochondrosis of the spine. Are the front, rear, side, and back of the more dangerous of the hernia may play a in the spinal cord. In the segment lumbar spine hernias for more often, especially between 4-5 vertebrae.

Lumbar degenerative disk can cause disease with very unpleasant symptoms – back pain (lumbago). Pain in lumbago hot, sharp, unbearable, I and very difficult to do. The cause is a pinched nerve because it is the patient's damaged neuro-vascular bundle. Especially when dangerous degenerative disk disease cauda equina syndrome when a large person and pinched beam of piegaro spine. In the end affects the function of the bladder and the intestines, and it might even cause paralysis of the legs.

The position of the

Signs of osteoarthritis are often limited to a muscle atrophy severe. If we are not the muscles to long term participate in the body of the work, the backbone of the movement is limited, the individual fibers are weakened. As a result, the patient may become disabled, bedridden. Very dangerous and cervical osteochondrosis, because the hernia in this segment can cause circulatory disorders of the brain. At this stage, there are un the risk of disturbances of vision, swallowing, speech and other functions of the brain.

The diagnosis of the disease

Regardless recognize the signs of osteoarthritis, you need to think about about treatment. Due to the injuries of the spine can come in different stages, the treatment of osteoarthritis also differ. And important to make the correct diagnosis of therapy was chosen correctly.

Due to the high prevalence of the presence of disease and characteristic symptoms to suggest the diagnosis, the doctor will be able to take the preliminary examination. But for the differentiation of osteoarthritis from other diseases of the back and the internal organs, this diagnosis is carried out:

  • The x-ray of the spine. Will help you to identify the"height of the disk, the degree of thinning, and the presence of osteophytes.
  • CT, MRI). Most preferred in the survey. In this disease will determine the severity of the injury of piegaro, soft tissue, find the smallest bump.

Osteochondrosis test lab does not play the un role, but delivery of the overall analysis, biochemistry and necessary for the elimination of the inflammatory process, rheumatoid arthritis, disease of the bones, the joints. In the study of the function of the muscles, the doctor carries out a series of shows physical, and to clarify the functioning of the blood vessels and piegaro do duplex, electromyography.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with medicines

If osteochondrosis symptoms and treatment identified, to continue with the therapy it is not worthwhile – the disease that progresses rapidly. In a first phase usually recommended exercises, massage to strengthen the muscles and sufficient. In other degenerative diseases of phases of the disk of the disease need medication, and sometimes surgery.

The pain and the symptom nasty disease – you can't use steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Cure low back pain for them, but previously assigned are provided on the completion of the therapy to alleviate the symptoms. In severe cases, drugs s administered as injections, but most of them recommend un course of 7-14 days in tablets and topically, in the form of ointments.

If a person has un syndrome painful strong in the area of the column was to administer injections of corticosteroids directly into the affected area.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease may also be performed with the help of the following tools:

  • Vitamins of the B group which Help to improve the nerve conduction of the spinal column.
  • Chondroprotectors. Feed the intervertebral cartilage, strengthen the clubs.
  • The muscle relaxants. Reduces the force of muscle spasms in the lower back pain.
  • Cardiovascular drugs. Optimize the blood circulation in the spine.

If you have developed osteoarthritis, for the relief of pain and pathogenetic treatment only give chondroprotectors, accept their courses of 3-6 months. The rest of the funding are symptomatic of action, and for the reality of osteoarthritis and does not affect.

I Physiotherapy low back pain

The diagnosis of the disease

The list of measures for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, be sure to include techniques of physiotherapy. Thanks to the physical therapy treatment of degenerative disc disease, will be more effective, the action because it is spread directly on the area of inflammation. Physical therapy s relieve the syndrome painful, eliminate spasms, improve blood circulation, help to remove the clamps off of piegaro. The most popular methods are the following:

  • Electrophoresis. Treatment of degenerative disc disease in this way will allow us to provide a relaxing, anti-inflammatory agents, and anesthetics directly to the area of the vertebrae, muscles, ligaments.
  • Ultrasound. Alleviates unpleasant symptoms, to alleviate, creates the effect of the vibration massage activates the metabolism at the local level.
  • Magnetotherapy. Variable or constant magnetic field to eliminate the inflammatory process.

All type of physiotherapy should be courses for 10-15 procedures at the same time to consider the contraindications.

Gymnastics and massage

The exercise therapy in the treatment of osteochondrosis plays un important role. No therapy will fail to create un strong corset muscle, and the latter urgently needed to maintain the patient of the spine. Should also increases the blood circulation in the area of the vertebrae, improves the metabolism to help prevent caries products.

How to cure low back pain at the gym? The complex is selected individually and only on stage 1-2, it can make sense medical supervision. In the later stages of the extra movement is more serious and can cause the displacement of the disk, and the growing problem. Stage 3 all of the exercises not only in the position of supine.

For the treatment of osteoarthritis necessarily need a massage. In the acute phase of does not make it a cause of emotion. But it makes the un a massage correctly to the chronic stage of osteochondrosis and essential nominal. Original works of art from a course of sessions relax muscles, remove the clamps begin to function piegaro I normally the blood vessels. The massage is done gently, a sense of sudden movements.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease

Prevention of the disease

Not to bring up the surgery for degenerative disc disease, and important to pay attention to the preventive measures:

  • To avoid examining the inactivity. The disease can progress, weight loads, swimming skiing, charging only benefit I help to strengthen the muscles and health in General.
  • To control the position. At work and at home, to sit and important, is no slouch, and since childhood.
  • Sleep on comfortable pillows. Prevention pillow, with the existing osteochondrosis used a few others, therapeutic.
  • Do not lift weights. And If necessary, to sit, to stand together with the object, keeping the back straight.
  • Regularly doing exercises to strengthen the muscles. And important that the muscles of the neck, back, press, lower back.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Shoes orthopedic will not be able to develop risk factor for lesions of the vertebrae.

Also, an important to eat well, not smoke, in order to enrich the diet with vitamins, to consume more and more fluids – so that the likelihood of pathology decreases.